Anterior Approach to Total Hip Replacement Surgery Offered at Clinch Valley Medical Center

December 18, 2014

Dr. Suresh Patil is among a very exclusive group of surgeon’s nationwide offering Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement surgery. The anterior surgical approach, done with patients lying on their back, uses a small incision and avoids the cutting of any muscles. 

This approach allows for a more rapid recovery process and therefore a quicker return to normal activity. A patient’s recovery is further enhanced by the elimination of post-operative restrictions that are associated with traditional hip replacement surgery. 
  • Quicker Return to Normal Activities 
  • No Post-Operative Restrictions 
  • Smaller Incision 
  • No Muscle Cutting 
  • Faster Recovery 

Another benefit of the anterior approach is that the surgery is done with the patient lying on their back, and the incision is in the front of the hip. This allows Dr. Patil to use x-ray guidance in the operating room. This technique allows for more accurate measurement of leg lengths at the time of surgery. Furthermore, the intra-operative information gained from the x-ray helps ensure excellent placement of the implants. 

The risk of dislocation is also decreased with this approach. Conventional hip surgery typically requires that most patients follow strict precautions for 6 to 8 weeks following surgery. They must not flex the hip more than 90 degrees, which can be limiting in terms of doing normal activities, such as sitting, bending or getting in or out of a car. Climbing stairs may also be difficult during recovery. With anterior hip replacement, patients are instructed to bend their hip freely immediately following surgery and use their hip without such strict limitations. It facilitates quicker return to normal function and activities. 

Approximately 375,000 Americans undergo hip replacement surgery each year. This number is expected to almost double over the next 25 years due in part to the aging of the population. "My goal, as an orthopedic surgeon, is to reduce debilitating pain and improve quality of life for my patients." Utilizing the anterior approach with high quality hip replacement implants, patients should expect a more rapid recovery with fewer restrictions. 

It is important to realize that this is not a new technique. It has been done in Europe for many years with excellent results. All prospective hip replacement patients need a thorough evaluation to determine if they are candidates for this procedure. For more information please contact Dr. Suresh Patil at Clinch Valley Orthopedic Surgery and Joint Replacement at 276-345-4685.