Clinch Valley Health Donates ‘Stop the Bleed’ Kits to Tazewell County Public Schools

January 14, 2019

Clinch Valley Health donates 50 ‘Stop The Bleed’ kits to equip Tazewell County Public School teachers with the tools necessary to take action and potentially save lives.

“Clinch Valley Health is excited to partner with Tazewell County Public Schools in a program that could save a life of someone in our local schools,” said Peter Mulkey, CEO, Clinch Valley Health.“In today’s world we have to be prepared for the unthinkable and the step that Tazewell County Public Schools and Clinch Valley Health have taken around the ‘Stop the Bleed’ campaign may make the difference in someone’s life if the unthinkable would occur in our community.”

In 2018 Clinch Valley Health General and Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Joseph Moran, led the ‘Stop the Bleed’ initiative with a goal of training every employee at Clinch Valley Health in ‘Stop the Bleed’, which would then provide resources to train citizens in our community, starting with Tazewell County Public Schools. As two of the largest employers in Tazewell County, Clinch Valley Health and Tazewell County Public Schools has a total of 393 people now trained in ‘Stop the Bleed’ in our community.

“The ‘Stop the Bleed’ initiative, championed by The American College of Surgeons, was implemented to empower the public to become familiar with situations which may lead to life threatening bleeding,” said Dr. Joseph Moran, M.D., General Surgeon, Clinch Valley Health.“Due to recent events in today’s society, all citizens should be familiar with the modalities available to stop life threatening hemorrhage, just as everyone should be comfortable with performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver for choking.”