Get to Know Family Medicine Physician and Tazewell County Native: Dr. Ashley Goodman

May 10, 2018

Tazewell County native and Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Ashley Goodman, helps us get to know a little more about her passion for family medicine and returning home to serve her community. Dr. Ashley Goodman started practicing at Clinch Valley Physicians Associates in Cedar Buff, VA on April 30th. Appointments may now be made by calling 276.964.1281.

Why did you want to become a doctor?

I became a doctor because I am dedicated to helping and serving others. I have much compassion and empathy and felt that I could make a difference in the lives of others. I find the study of medicine fascinating and spend much of my time reading medical journals and evidenced based medicine to ensure my patients receive the best of care.

How often do I need to see a family care doctor if I am healthy?

This is not an easy question. What a patient may consider healthy and what a doctor may consider healthy are sometimes two different things. I recommend that everyone have a primary/family care doctor who can evaluate them and then determine the best amount of time between visits. I urge patients not to miss those appointments. I have had patients that I would see yearly or every 6 months and some I would see every week or two until stable (depending on the situation).

How often do I need to check/change my medications?

This depends on how many chronic conditions a patient may or may not have and their age. For example, say you have hypertension but you lost 20 pounds or gained 20 pounds, your medication may need changed as you may need less or more. If you are a diabetic in the same situation, the same is true. With elderly, medications should be evaluated every 3-4 months dependent on their current health, as things can change fast in this age category.

Where did you go to medical school?

Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, VA.

Why did you want to come back home to work after medical school?

That is simple! It was always the plan. Before I even applied to medical school I knew my community was in-need of physicians and that regardless of what field of medicine I chose, I would be returning home to take care of those in my community. I have a huge love for home and community and being here is what makes me happy, and having the chance to serve my patients just adds to the joy.

In what ways are you involved with the community?

I just recently returned home from being away in Residency Training. I am looking for a Church (mine closed) as there are many ways to be involved with the community through church. I later plan to be involved with programs that benefit the youth and elderly.