Get to Know Family Medicine Physician Dr. Cortney Farmer

August 8, 2019


  1. What local restaurants do you enjoy?

    • I enjoy eating at all the local restaurants.

  2. Who is your favorite sports team?

    • College football-Virginia Tech. GO HOKIES!!

  3. What are you most proud of?

    • Accomplishing my dream of becoming a doctor.

  4. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

    • Reading, baking, riding bikes, playing with my dog and spending time with my husband. I am interested in learning to kayak.

  5. Do you have any Pets?

    • A very playful and friendly chocolate lab named Zoey!

  6. What is your favorite vacation spot?

    • Anywhere that involves a beach.

  7. What was your first concert?

    • Tina Turner...haha this was when I was like 8 years old...My favorite concert was Luke Bryan!

  8. Anything else you want to share that your patients would find interesting?

    • I was born in Richlands, grew up in Jewell Ridge, and I am a “hometown girl!”

  9. Why did you want to become a doctor?

    • From the time I was a small child I wanted to be a doctor. My dream of becoming a doctor was solidified after visiting VCOM in Blacksburg during a high school field trip. After this visit, I was very interested in becoming an Osteopathic doctor because of the ability to restore the normal function of the body with my hands through manipulations. I have always had the desire to help others and educate people on how to make better life choices. I grew up in a large family with various age groups. I truly feel this helped me decide on family medicine because I am able to take care of the “whole family.” I love the variety of family medicine and staying up to date on evolving issues.

  10. How often do I need to see a family care doctor if I am healthy?

    • If you have no health issues and no medications need to be seen yearly.

    • If you have certain medical issues or on medications need to be seen every

                3 or 6 months.

  11. Where did you go to medical school?

    • Edward via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)-VA Campus.

  12. In what ways are you involved with the community?

    • During residency, I volunteered at local free clinics, helped with physicals at king college, visited nursing homes, and assisted with high school medical camps at ETSU. Since completing residency, I am looking forward to being actively involved in my community through various activities and outreach programs. I am also excited to become more involved in my church’s events and projects.

  13. Why did you want to come back home to work after medical school?

    • I have always wanted to come home and give back to my community. I have strong ties with my family and friends in the area. I feel this will be a great place to build a successful practice and raise a family.