Honaker High School Students Donate Art to Chemo Infusion Center

May 27, 2016

Honaker High School art students donated inspiring art pieces to be displayed in the Chemo Infusion Center at Clinch Valley Medical Center.

“We are always trying to find ways to increase our youth’s knowledge on cancer and early prevention. We had recently opened our new waiting area for our patients receiving Chemotherapy and the walls looked bare, like they were missing something,” said Chad Ashby, Director of Oncology Services. “This resulted in the paintings that are now displayed in our waiting area. Little did we know how much this was going to mean to them.”

When Christy Honaker, the Honaker High School art teacher was approached about the project for the Chemo Infusion Center, she knew it would be a good opportunity for the students to use their art skills for something outside the classroom.

“As we discussed ideas, many of the students talked about their own experiences with the disease in their families,” said Honaker. “The project became personal to them and that is reflected in their art work.”

Each student had a message of why and how they came to create their art. Words like: Journey, Hope, Fight, Perseverance, Family and Faith were displayed in their art work. 

“These words are the very words that our patients cling to in their battle with Cancer,” said Ashby.

Now, patients sitting in the waiting area look at these paintings and draw inspiration and encouragement from them during their fight with cancer. 

One patient said, “This was so nice, kids that didn’t even know me took the time to do something for me!”