Richlands High School Art Students Help Clinch Valley Health Educate Patients on Fall Prevention

June 5, 2019

Richlands High School art students aid Clinch Valley Health in educating its patients on fall prevention through painted ceiling tiles that illustrate “Call Don’t Fall.”

“Clinch Valley Health is grateful for the service provided by the Richlands High School art students in helping us to better educate our patients on the risks of falls and the importance of “Call Don’t Fall”,” said Peter Mulkey, CEO, Clinch Valley Health.  “We are now able to ensure each patient room has increased reminders and communication to help prevent patient falls in the future.” 

 Many protocols and measures are in place when a patient is admitted and identified as a high risk for falls. A few measures include the patient never being left unattended when out of bed, a sensor mat being placed on the patient’s bed, and the bed being placed in the lowest position. It is also important for the patient to comply with the information provided to them by their healthcare team, and to utilize their call button to allow their care providers to assist them out of bed.

 “Clinch Valley Health has focused its efforts on equipping our staff with the education and information they need to help prevent in-hospital falls,” said Beth Stiltner, CNO, Clinch Valley Health. “This year during Safety Awareness Week, Clinch Valley Health provided in-hospital falls prevention education to staff, our Pharmacy team educated on identifying medications that put patients at risk, and Preferred Home Health educated on how to help patients better prepare their homes to prevent at-home falls.”

 According to the Agency for Healthcare Research, it is estimated that 700,000 to 1 million hospitalized patients fall each year, and one-third of in-hospital falls result in injury. Occurring largely in the elderly population, contributing factors include certain medications; difficulty with strength, mobility or balance; and the environment in which they are in.