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Direct Access Laboratory Testing

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At Clinch Valley Medical Center, we recognize the benefits of taking a proactive approach to your overall health and wellness. That’s why we continue to offer Direct Access Laboratory Testing. This service allows you to choose from an extensive list of testing that is performed without a physician’s order. Direct access testing may be of particular interest to patients whose health plans do not cover routine screening tests.

Most laboratory test results are available on same day of service. Other specialty tests will be available in two to five business days. All results are confidential and are not part of your medical record. Test results can be picked up in the laboratory, mailed to you, or sent to your physician if a fax number is provided. Test results will not be sent to employers or insurers. If you have any questions about your lab results, or feel unwell, please contact your physician. Please provide a telephone number on the order form when selecting your tests. If the results are at a critical level, you will be contacted immediately by a lab team member and urged to see a physician as soon as possible.


Test procedures are a screening tool and not designed to diagnose or predict illness. It is the patient’s responsibility to initiate medical follow-up to confirm test results.

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