Taking Care of Every Bone, Joint and Muscle

Comprehensive orthopedics and sports medicine is a priority at Clinch Valley Medical Center. From joint repair and replacement, including hips, knees and shoulders, to physical therapy and occupational therapy, our patient-centered approach improves health and function, restores strength and gets you back in motion. 

Clinch Valley Medical Center's staff specializes in: 

  • Arthroscopic Surgery
    • Used to repair minor joint damage in the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, or elbow. 
  • Total Knee, Hip, or Ankle Replacement
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Sports Injury Services 
  • Arthritis Care
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy: available for inpatient and outpatient 
  • Full Diagnostic Services with MRI, CT scans, x-rays and ultrasounds to diagnose injury.

Ramces Francisco, M.D. is as an orthopedic surgeon specializing in addressing general orthopedic conditions with the knee, hip, foot and ankle, orthopedic pediatric surgery and sports medicine. Prior to moving to Virginia, Dr. Francisco completed a clinical fellowship in Orthopaedic Surgery at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Dr. Francisco has comprehensive clinical research background combined with international medical experience. He has completed additional clinical fellowships in knee, foot, ankle and shoulder surgery, orthopedic pediatric surgery and sports medicine. He has contributed to multiple medical publications and is a member of the ICRS Young Scientists and Orthopaedic Surgeons. 

Information about Joint Replacement

What Is Joint Replacement Surgery? Joint replacement surgery is removing a damaged joint and putting in a new one. Dr. Francisco may not have to remove the whole joint, but replace or fix the damaged parts.

What Can Happen to My Joints? Bones are alive, and they need blood to be healthy, grow, and repair themselves. Joints can be damaged by arthritis and other diseases, injuries, or other causes. The damage can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling and limit blood flow, causing problems.

What Is a New Joint Like? A new joint, called a prosthesis, can be made of plastic, metal, or both. It may be cemented into place or not cemented, so that your bone will grow into it. Both methods may be combined to keep the new joint in place. Dr. Francisco can determine which method will be best suited for you.

Our Team

Ramces Francisco, MD

Located at Clinch Valley Physicians Associates in Claypool Hill, VA.

One Clinic Drive, Cedar Bluff, VA, 24609

To schedule an appointment please call 276.596.6735

Chauncey Santos, MD

Located on the Clinch Valley Medical Center campus in the Medical Plaza, Suite

6719 Gov. G. C. Peery Hwy., Richlands, VA, 24641

To schedule an appointment please call 276.596.6715.